03 April 2012

Daddy Did My Hair!

When mama isn’t around, Sam (my co-worker/buddy) is left to do his daughter’s hair alone! Dani has beautiful thick curly hair- that can be difficult to style.
Sam tried to braid her hair, but his big clumsy hands simply needed some help!  

Not many fathers can take on the task of attempting to braid or twist their daughter's hair. Those who do, often fail. Hair is seen as a sign of beauty for most women, so it's important to impress on girls how pretty their hair is early on.  Here are a few simple tips for dads!

1.    Wet Hair- It’s easier to comb through her hair as soon as it’s washed!  Use hair-detangler if necessary. Don’t wait for the hair to dry to try and comb it out! Also use a comb not a brush!
2.    Ponytails/Pigtails- Pull all of the hair into one hand, then smooth out the sides. Then use a scrunchie and elastic to wrap around the hair. If going for the pigtail look, part the hair into several sections with the comb.
3.    Braids- Depending on the texture of the hair, you may need to braid down—when doing it. Sam clearly braided Dani’s hair while standing up—hence the gravity defying braids. 

If you need more help—check out these resources at DadHair or DadBookABC.

What are some tips you have for dads?

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