01 April 2012

Sydney Turns 7- Glamour Girl in Miami

Little girls love to glam themselves up! What better way to celebrate a birthday than with manicures, jewelry, and makeup!
My husband and I were invited to our neighbor’s birthday party, so we couldn’t turn down the offer! The event was hosted by Fashion Rocks Miami—which specializes in Fashion Themed Parties for Girls! 
Wow—do they know how to throw a party!
Along with offering sweets and drinks (non-alcoholic, of course)- they give each girl a full make-over from head to toe. The kids learn how to walk the catwalk—and when it’s their time to shine—they do!
 The company was started by a mother of three, Charli Flanders! 
Her daughters serve as fashionista helpers-- transforming the little girls into super models!
If you need help planning your next party—check out Fashion Rocks Miami for more info!