04 April 2012

Little Things Make a Difference

From Mama Talks:
A few years back I changed my style of clothing to a quite conservative style.  Long skirts, muted, darker colors and proper suits seemed to be the right thing for this mother of 3 growing daughters.  – Until a good friend of mine decided to set me straight.  This is what she told me:
“You are trying to dress your age, but it just doesn’t work for you.  You need to wear what is right for you, not what you think a woman your age should wear!” 
Well, I followed her advice and been having fun with my clothes (my daughters make sure I don't get carried away)! Here are some simple tips to making your outfits pop!
1.       Chose Bright Solid Colors- Pink is naturally my color but look for those shades that go best with your complexion!
2.       Be Bold- The zebra-stripe bag definitely stands out but it really "makes" the outfit. Have fun by adding one "outstanding" item!

3.       Choose Well-Fitting Clothes- Know your correct size, don't wear anything too big or too small or you'll attract the wrong kind of attention ... You want to feel comfortable in your clothes - life is challenging enough!
4.        Accessories- Little details make all the difference. The thin black belt cinches the waist giving the outfit shape. Also the little pink flower on the purse really makes it pop! In case you didn’t guess it—the flower is a ponytail holder/pin-on!
5.       Heels- I really like wearing heels – I know they’re not the most sensible footwear, but you have to admit that they really are the finishing touch for my little outfit!  If you want to stand out—put on the heels!
What tips do you have for making your wardrobe POP?

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