17 April 2012

Easy Paper Craft Animals

From Mama Talks

This is a fun and easy craft project that you can either do by yourself or involve the kiddos! The little animals can be used as table decorations for parties, to decorate gifts, or whatever else you might think of … I used simple construction paper to show the process, but any kind of sturdy paper is fine. You will also need scissors and glue. If you work with your kids, you probably also need a ruler to help outline the simple shapes.

The shapes of the animals are broken down into simple geometrical shapes as you can see in this picture. For the duck and the bunny you glue the rectangle sides together, for the mouse and the cat you form a cone. Then you add ears, tails, wings, whatever is needed!

As you can see on the picture, my original shapes are not totally straight, which is O.K. as I generally make adjustments after I glue them.

Hope you like these little critters! With a little imagination you can create all kind of different animals. Depending on what kind of paper or material you use you can actually make them quite fancy! Have fun and let me know what kind of animal creations you came up with!

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