10 April 2012

Sorority Life and Networking!

Over a decade ago, I joined the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. It was truly one of the most exciting times in my life. Not only was I a part of a fun social group, I was able to network with extraordinary women who are members of the organization.

Recently I attended our 10 year reunion in Houston, Texas. It was amazing to hear their success stories!  Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, School Administrators—We even have an actress in our group! It was truly a pleasant surprise to see how far we all had come. 

Along with building lifelong friendships, I was able to expand my professional social network!  It has helped me land job interviews and create contacts for business!  My sorority boosts wonderful members like First Lady Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys, and Rosa Parks! Click here for a link to a list of our most prominent members (I made the list! lol) 

I would ENCOURAGE you to join any networking group! Maybe a sorority isn’t your thing—but there are plenty of choices! Are you a member of any groups???


  1. how nice - its always good to have a group of friends you can count on and call your friends.

  2. Beautiful to see such sisterhood!