30 April 2012

Eye Shadow Madness

Written by Talitha Haynes, Guest Blogger

When it’s time for Date Night or Girl’s Night Out—you have to look your best!  Your hair has to be perfect, you have to wear your best outfit and of course you can’t forget the makeup!  For me, it’s the most important element to finishing my look.
For years, my favorite cosmetic store has always been MAC. They offer some of the best colors with great pigments. The blushes, foundations, lip glosses, lipsticks and the primers are all awesome. The only negative is the price $$$. So, I set out to find a similar product for a cheaper price.  
On my hunt, I found a cosmetic store named Inglot,  They have this great deal called the  “Freedom System”-- that gives you the option to create your own palette. You can mix and match your eye shadows to create the perfect palette.  They also feature concealer, blush, body glitter, nail polish and lipstick. The “Freedom System” only cost $29 or four shadows! Their lip and eyeliner cost $11 and individual shadow $12. Inglot has great colors and very pigmented. I recommend you check it out for yourself.

Do you have any cheap makeup suggestions?

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