26 July 2012

The Handlebar Club

Only a few men can pull this look off the "Handlebar Mustache." Well, my artistic husband Troy Simmons is always looking for a new way to express his creative self!  Here's a candid shot of hubby--rocking the 'stache and one of my crochet beanies from Huggabeans Crochet Creations!
After a few weeks of growing his hair, it was finally long enough to curl.  To create the perfect look- it takes some patience. The delicate process takes Troy sometimes 15 minutes to achieve. You have to “train the hair” to grow out sideways in order to achieve the more traditional shape. A little bit of mustache wax also keeps the hair in place.
I’m hoping his stache doesn’t grow like this!
 Or this!!!
What's your favorite mustache style? 

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