19 July 2012

Beach Craft Fun

With these warm summer temperatures, many of us are heading to the beach to cool off. This is the ultimate beach craft for your kids! I found this wonderful crafting idea on BeautyandBedlam.com!  All you need is Plaster of Paris to make these fun imprints with your kids.

1.       Have your child press his/her hand or feet into damp sand, making a 2-inch-deep impression.
 2.Put treasures pretty side down (shells, rocks, pretty rock glass) in your impression. Make sure you don’t push them too hard into the sand.
       3.Mix the Plaster of Paris. Make sure it is nice and thick and creamy.
4.Carefully pour the plaster into the inlay of the print.

4. Let the plaster set until it’s hard – approximately one hour. To remove the print, carefully dig out the sand from around/underneath the plaster.