10 April 2013

Breakfast at Presley's ♥ 1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Presley!!!

This is one of the cutest ideas for a birthday party!!  Named after the glamorous movie, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired birthday brunch is a clever theme for a party.  My dear friend wanted to give her daughter a lavish affair and she delivered!

She used silver accents, mixed with powder blues and of course tons of floral!
Other party highlights included—Classic Tiffany’s Gift Wrap Cake, Birthday girl dressed up just like Audrey Hepburn, tons of blue décor to add to the theme, and adorable bite-sized goodies—perfect for the kids!
Tiffany Gift Wrapped Cake--too cute!
Powder Blue Decor
Paper Lanterns--Perfect Touch!
Perfect Brunch Treats
Bite-Sized Munchies!

Creative Special Touches

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