06 April 2013

Shop Pink Lemon

Looking for latest fashion trends for women? Check out the Pink Lemon, an online boutique that offers a unique variety of the hippest clothes, accessories and purses! 
Pink Lemon Owner Shayla Jiles has been selling these sensational goodies for months —but she’s now offering her items online to customers worldwide! Jiles has a creative flair for fashion, studying the latest trends to hit the runway. She’s created a collection of items that are trendy and economical.
Make sure you find her today—and tell her the Crafty Reporter sent you! Follow her on instagram and facebook!

Wearing my Pink Lemon Rings!!
Spiked out Mini!

Baddie Beanie

Love You Mint Set

Snake Charmer Double Finger Ring

Silky Houndstooth Leggings

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