06 April 2015

Give A Card- Make a Friend

Do you like to get gifts?  We all remember opening birthday presents when we were kids.  But before we could even open the beautiful, brightly wrapped gift, our parents always made us stop to read the card!  I can still hear by mother yelling in my ear, "Constance, be sure to open the card first!"

Now as an adult, I love reading cards. I've learned the importance of sending cards to those who are important to me!  A few years ago, I met ABC Miami News Anchor Neki Mohan at a journalism conference. She spent time reviewing my news stories and was extremely thoughtful in her critiques.  I sent her several cards, expressing my appreciation for her time!

Neki Mohan, WPLG Local 10 News Anchor/Miami

A few years later, my career took me to Miami.  When I met Neki again, she pulled out those Thank You cards I had sent her years ago. She had kept them all those years! 
Neki Mohan & Constance Jones at NABJ/ 2009
We have worked together for seven years, and are now close friends! And to think, a few simple cards had sparked the relationship

Here are some reasons why you should write a card!

1. You just want to say HELLO to someone to brighten their day happy.
2. You want to stay in touch with friends and family.
3. You want to tell your friends how much they mean!
4. You miss someone! So say it with a card!
5. Acknowledge special occasions like anniversaries, new jobs, anything!

Join the conversation-- Why should you send cards?


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