16 April 2015

Peace Love World: Meeting Alina Villasante

Alina Villasante & Constance Jones at WOW
The first ever W.O.W. (Women of the World) Conference took place in Miami last month!  I was honored to be one of the speakers at the event.  W.O.W. offered several workshops for those looking to take their entrepreneurship and leadership skills to the next level. During the conference, I had the chance to moderate a panel with Alina Villasante, founder of Peace Love World Apparel

Constance Jones Speaking at WOW 2015
The Miami-based designer started her business from her home 8 years ago! Her brand quickly grew into a multi-million dollar company! A-List celebrities love the casual-wear clothing, including Jennifer Lopez, Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres!
So how did she do it?  That was the topic of conversation of "The Million Dollar Club" Panel that I moderated. Here are a few tips Villasante shared with the audience! 

1. Rep Your City: If you know anything about Alina, she is PROUD of her city (Miami)! She serves as an ambassador for the city everywhere she goes.  In turn, she gets support from the local community!
2. Surround Yourself With Good People: Sounds simple, but she says it's something that can make or break your business. Make sure you have people who support your dreams and ideas!  Negative breeds failure.
3. Stretch Yourself: Aliana says the BIGGEST partnership was with Oprah during her "The Life You want Weekend Tour!" She says the event was challenging and not extremely lucrative. But, in the end the partnership opened up many other doors. Of course, it's Oprah- a name know around the world! 

After the panel, with Alina Villasante
 For more information on W.O.W click here!
Constance Jones, Speaker at WOW Miami

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