13 January 2015

How do you get a job on TV?

How do you get a job in Television?  It’s the question I am asked several times a week! Many people believe the TV life is fun and exciting! One day you’re chatting it up with your favorite celebrities, the next you could be interviewing the Governor!  Plus there is a certain amount of “celebrity” attached to being an on-air talent! But before you pursue a career in broadcasting, I want to be upfront about a few things!  

1.      Competition Is Fierce! With the growing popularity of reality shows and personality driven news formats, everyone thinks they can be on television.  For those who want to work on Television, they must be ready to fight! It doesn’t come easy for some. You have to start from the bottom to get to the top!
2.      You’ll be POOR (starting out). I made more money working as a waitress at Golden Corral than I did anchoring in Tyler, Texas. Seriously. Since there are so many people who want to be in this industry, there is no need to pay on-air talent much money. So be prepared to be paid with pennies. With hard work, your salary will gradually increase. But that doesn’t happen for everyone! If you want to be rich, you might consider another career! According to Bankrate.com--the average salary is about $37,000.
3.      Stress Stress Stress – Everyday you will be working under tight deadlines!  Broadcasters are expected to do more than just write the story! They often have to film, edit, write, produce, voice and post on the web. Along with being a broadcaster, you might have to pull a rabbit out of your hat so be prepared to make magic happen everyday
4.      Far from Glamorous- Unless you are lucky enough to start with a job in the studio, you will likely be working in the field.  You will be dealing with the weather elements every day. From winter storms, to humid summer you will have to be ready to deal with working outside!
I had a chance to speak with some students from Miami Media School about the basic tips I would share for those who were interested in entering the business.  Click on the link below to here some of my other tips on breaking into broadcast. 

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