28 January 2015

Super Easy Springtime Cowl Crochet Pattern

It's the perfect accessory for any season. This organic cotton cowl is easy to make and adds the right pop of color for any outfit-- Winter, Spring or Fall! Check out these super simple crochet instructions!

What you need--> 2 Balls of Organic Cotton Yarn ( Each Solid Ball is 2.5 oz) & fat crochet hook (mine is size J)

1. Make a chain of 45-50. I would try to measure the chain around your neck to see if it's the proper length. Connect chain at the end with a slip stitch, making one large circle.
2. Ch 3 stitches before you start your Triple Crochet Stitch, Tr into each stitch (45-50). Slip St into the top of the ch 2 stitch.
3. Ch 3, Tr through the remaining stitches, Sl st into the top of your Ch 3.
Continue alternating rows 2 and 3 until you have reached your desired height. I did 6 rows!
On the last row, sl st to join around. Bind off and weave the ends!


Ch = Chain Stitch
Sl St = Slip Stitch
Tr= Triple Crochet Stitch 

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