08 January 2015

Why You Need a Side Hustle?

This is where it all started! That's me selling my Huggabeans Crochet Organic Cotton Hats at my first craft show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Seven years later, I am still selling my handmade creations! These little beanies paid for my first BMW and a down payment for my condo!


Last month, I was a guest on "In the Black Radio" where I shared my story of entrepreneurship. In a short time, my business exploded with sales, grossing over a quarter of a million dollars!  Right now, we work primarily with wholesale distributors. 
Here's some reasons why you should consider having a side hustle. 

Do you have a backup plan if you get laid off? In my industry, the broadcasting world is constantly downsizing.  Thanks to the extra money I’ve made with my side business, I do not live in fear of not having enough money.

Do you have a financial cushion?  Whether your goal is to pay off debt or buy a pair of shoes--> A few extra dollars go a long way if you manage it correctly.

It forces you to learn about other industries! I went to college with one focus--> to become a broadcast journalist. Although, I truly enjoy my career as a journalist, I enjoy learning about other careers!  For me, it forced me to learn about SEOs and Blogging.

If you want to hear more about how I started my business, click on the link below to watch the interview.



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