06 May 2015

4 Winning Writing Strategies

The first thing you have to understand about the business of broadcasting is that you have to be A GOOD WRITER!  It's not just about having a pretty face! In the age of technology, writing skills are imperative for every industry, especially broadcast journalism!

One of my first articles for the Killeen Daily Herald
My first job in the business was a freelance position as a writer at a local newspaper (The Killeen Daily Herald). I was paid $1.25 per column inch.  I made less than $50 on the job, but getting my words published in black and white gave me the confidence I needed to continue to pursue my dreams!
Here are some of my writing strategies!  
1. Keep it Simple: Paragraphs, semicolons, and prepositional phrases can get confusing! Keep your sentences simple! This will keep the "grammar police" off your tail! 

2. Talk Out Loud: Talking gets my thoughts flowing. Chat with a friend (or yourself) to get your ideas out there! Don't forget to jot them down! 

3. No Internet: Eliminate distractions by turning off the internet! That means no Facebook or Twitter! Trust me, you will get more work done if you are not checking your social media!

4. Set Deadlines: How fast do you actually write? How many days a week do you write? Crunch the numbers and set realistic goals. Even if you don't really need a deadline, set one and stick with it!

Do you have any tips on writing? Please share them in the comments section.

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