26 May 2015

Natural Hair Doll Helps Girls Battle Insecurity

As a little girl,  I didn't stop to consider why most of my dolls—including my Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie dolls—were brown-skinned like me.  Little did I know that brown-faced dolls were not common when I was growing up.   My mother did everything she could to find a doll that would reflect me.

My Favorite Doll-- Huggy Bean
Although the skin was similar, the doll's hair was not. Most dolls had long straight hair, nothing like my natural curls.  Well, it's exciting to announce that the first 18-inch doll with natural hair  has just been released. Angelica Sweeting is the founder and creator of "Naturally Perfect Dolls!"
Making sure kids of all colors play with these dolls is not just an act of "political correctness!"  It's all about girls developing a sense of themselves.  If we look back, there have been dozens of doll experiments that examine the importance of color, hair and race for girls and young women. 
Sweeting launched a crowdfunding campaign to get the Angelica Doll produced. If you want to see it for your daughter, niece, sister or even yourself in a local store-- make sure you click here to learn more

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