20 May 2015

Tips for Being a Successful Mistress of Ceremonies

Constance Jones Hosting the South Florida HANA Gala, 2015/ Over the past decade, I’ve hosted dozens of events. 

Constance Jones Hosting the Broward County Walk to End Alzheimer's Walk, 2013
From 5K walks to swanky galas, I’ve done it all.  The role of the Master/Mistress of Ceremonies is to command the attention of the crowd or audience.  You also have to keep the program running smoothly and on time. Sounds simple, especially for someone who is paid to talk on Television everyday. But even I have to prepare!  If you are asked to host an event, here are some simple tips that I always use!
Reviewing my script before the 2014 Prestige Pageantry Awards
1.      Always arrive early. This will give you a chance to review the script and learn how to pronounce names.
2.      Be prepared & be ready to handle problems that might occur. It’s just like LIVE TV- so you have to find ways to troubleshoot. Always stay composed.
3.      Introduce Yourself. Even if someone introduces you to the crowd, always mention the groups you represent and what you do.
4.      Make sure you have all the details of the program. This comes with preparation before the program begins. Make sure the organizer gives you a clear outline: ie, when is dinner served? Who is the keynote speaker? When do you introduce the acts?
5.      Energy!  While you are on stage, always keep your enthusiasm high. End the program with as much excitement and energy as you started it!
What tips would you offer for those serving as a Master/Mistress of Ceremony?

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