06 May 2015

Honor a Nurse Who Has Touched Your Life

May 6th is National Nurses Day, a day we recognize nurses who have touched our lives!  My Grandma Lela always wanted to be a nurse.  She was a natural caregiver, always putting her family before herself. She selflessly and tirelessly took care of others. But for the wife of an Alabama sharecropper, money was always limited.  Her dream lived on in my aunts, my sisters and even my mother! 

Aunt Ida Jones, after she graduated from Nursing School
Millions of nurses make up the backbone of our health care system. Unfortunately their tremendous contributions to our society are often overlooked.  Studys show that long hours (12 hour shifts), working nights, poor pay, poor benefits, lack of sick days/vacation days make the job extremely difficult. 

My Mother Ursula Jones & Aunt Dr. Ethel Jones- Both Nurses!
For years, my beautiful sister Lela Shaw worked as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Texas.  She decided to go back to school to advance her nursing career. After months of hard work, she graduated! She is now a Registered Nurse!  
Lela Graduating from Nursing School/
pictured with my Sister Stacie Ellis, Mom Ursula Jones and my adorable nephew
Registered Nurse Selfie!
My younger sister Stacie Ellis also decided to pursue a career in health care. She recently passed her state boards and is now a Registered Dietitian.  She is currently completing her Masters Degree in Nutrition at Texas Woman's University.
Stacie Ellis, Registered Dietitian
Even my amazing mother-in-law Barbara Howard chose a career in nursing and has been working as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner for over 40 years.  She currently practices in Texas. .
Barbara Howard

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